Wayside Brake Air Hose Inspection System

The Trimble® AHView wayside brake air hose inspection system operates on passing trains at mainline operational speeds. A vision based system, it uses a high-speed and high-definition imaging system to provide high resolution images of every air hose arrangement for inspection and measurement.

Air hose arrangements and their diagnosis is complex and an automated system is highly beneficial for rail operators as air hose separation is one of the leading causes of train stoppage in freight operations. AHView provides automated alarms based on the condition of the air hose arrangement and detects the ones that have the highest probability of separation.

  • Air hose orientation
  • Air hose angle
  • Air hose height from top of rail
  • Glad hand angle
  • Coupling: peaked, horizontal, and U-shaped coupling
  • Air hose support inspection
  • Coupler shank movement
  • Coupler height
  • Air hose leak (acoustic option)

Dramatic time and cost savings, versus manual inspections

Automate and complete brake air hose inspections quicker, minimizing time taken, costs, and issues that disrupt service.

Rolling stock stays in service for longer

With accurate measurements at mainline operational speeds there is minimal disruption to rolling stock schedules.

Limits risk to personnel, works 24/7, even in tough environments

LAHView works in even the toughest environments and at night so field workers are not in unpleasant or unsafe working conditions thereby reducing the risk to their safety.

Digital accurate records, with automated alerts of issues

Providing digital records that are usable across operations and maintenance LAHView reduces manual and paper-based workflows saving time and money. Critical issues are flagged and reported automatically so that corrective actions can be taken with less impact on service.