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elView  (S/F/D/I)

           Automatic In-Track Wheel

           Profile Measurement System

             WheelView products are automatic wayside systems

             that are designed to measure wheel profiles of

             moving trains. These systems are used to inspect

             wheels for derailment prevention, preventative

             maintenance, maintenance scheduling, and to

             reduce track and rail damage caused by excessively

             worn wheels.

             Standard WheelView is a rugged system designed

             to operate in harsh environments as well as shops,

             depots and yards. The system has an exceptionally

             robust design that is capable of operating without

             human intervention for extended periods.

             WheelView-S has been in production since year

             2000 and has been successfully deployed in many

             countries. More recently, a few other variations of

             WheelView are designed for more reliable operation

             under various conditions and providing more



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