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WheelView-F is designed to provide wheel diameter         WheelView is a cost effective system and can

      measurements at main line operations with high train      quickly pay for itself by reducing and/or eliminating

      speeds. WheelView-D is designed for low speed and         derailments due to worn wheels. WheelView increases

      higher accuracy needs such as high speed train depot      the efficiency of wheel maintenance by identifying

      applications. WheelView-I is offered for indoors and low  proactive maintenance practices based on the

      speed operations.                                         application of wheel wear rates and early wheel defect


➼ Measurements                                                  WheelView is currently operational in some of the

                                                                busiest freight corridors in the world, measuring over

      Flange Height                                             50,000 wheels every day per system.

• Flange Width                                                                                                                                      17

• Flange Slope

• Tread Hollow

• Rim Thickness

• Full Wheel Profile

• Back-to-Back

• Wheel Diameter (D, F, I)

• Flange Rollover (Arris) and Tread Rollover

• Grooved Tread (D, F, I)

•• Wheel Diameter Based on Witness Groove

➼ Features

      Complete Wheel Profile Measurement

• Speeds up to 80mph (140 km/h)

• Capable of Operating in Extreme Environments

• Operating Temperature: -40°C to 55°C

• Installed on Custom Steel Ties

• No Major Track Structure Modification

• Easy Installation

• Easy Maintenance

• Air Purge System for System Cleaning

• Remote Monitoring/Control Capability

• Automatic Report Generation

•• Automatic Wheel Condition Monitoring

➼ Software Components

• Remote Monitoring/Control Software

• System Management Software

• Digital Image Acquisition/Processing

• Calibration Software

• Web-based Database/Data Search Software

• Database Interface Software

• Automated Reporting Software

• AEI (AVI) Integration

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