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adView  Automatic Wayside Wheel

           Surface Inspection System

             TreadView is Beena Vision's sophisticated Automatic

             Non-contact Optical Wheel Surface Inspection System.

             TreadView is designed to inspect wheel tread surface,

             flange, and plate areas at normal track speeds.

             This system offers visual inspection of complete

             wheel tread and flange surface using optical imaging

             and laser scanning. The objective of the system is to

             determine any surface abnormalities of the wheel that

             can be detected using high resolution images of the

             wheel and high density 3D data of the wheel surface.

             TreadView deploys a unique state of art digital imaging

             and laser scanning technology for maximum data

             density, accuracy, and efficiency. The product benefits

             from sophisticated image processing algorithms to

             assess wheel tread and flange surface condition from

             acquired multispectral multi-illumination images.


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