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keView  (Shoe)

           Automatic Wayside

           Brake Shoe (Block) Inspection System

             BrakeView-Shoe is a wayside brake shoe (Block)

             measurement system designed to inspect brake

             shoes at track speeds. This system is vision-based

             and uses a multi-camera high speed imaging unit

             to take multiple images of every brake shoe for

             inspection and measurement.

             BrakeView enclosures are installed on two short

             towers, one on each side of the track, mounted

             on two concrete or steel footings. Cameras and

             illumination systems are installed in a safe distance

             from the center of the track. Since each brake shoe

             is viewed by two cameras, a complete and reliable

             assessment of the brake shoe condition is provided.

             Brake shoes are viewed from top and bottom

             perspectives. Acquired images are processed by a

             set of sophisticated image processing algorithms.


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