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ckView  Automatic Wayside Truck

           (Bogie) Inspection System

             TruckView is a wayside truck (bogie) inspection

             system designed to operate on passing trains at

             normal track speeds. TruckView is a vision based

             system, which uses a high speed and high definition

             imaging system to provide high resolution images of

             every truck for inspection and measurement. Many

             truck related defects can cause serious short term and

             long terms problems and possible derailments. For

             a reliable and dependable inspection, every truck is

             viewed from two angles, top and bottom.

             TruckView is designed to inspect many features of

             bogies including fasteners, side frame condition,

             bearing and its related components, friction wedge,

             springs, and many more. For example, an alarm is

             generated for excessive wedge rise. Another example


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