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Air hose arrangements and their diagnosis can be

   quite complicated and an automated system can

   benefit rail operators tremendously.

   LAHView is designed to inspect many conditions of

   the air hose assembly and can detect defects like

   peaked air hose coupling, air hose height, glad hand

   angle, air hose angle, coupling position, etc.

➼ Measurements

     Air Hose Orientation

• Air Hose Angle

• Air Hose Height from Top of Rail

• Glad Hand Angle

•• Coupling: Peaked, Horizontal and

     U-Shaped Coupling

     Air Hose Support Inspection

• Coupler Shank Movement

• Coupler Height

•• Air Hose Leak (Acoustic option)

➼ Features

     Speeds up to 60mph (100 km/h)

• Operating Temperature: -40°C to 55°C

• Automatic Alarm Generation

• Installed on Trackside Towers

• No Track Structure Modification

•• Easy Installation and Maintenance

➼ Software Features

     Monitoring/Control Software

• System Management Software

• Digital Image Acquisition/Processing

• Calibration Software

• Web-based Database/Data Search Software

• Database Interface Software

• Automated Reporting Software

•• AEI (AVI) Integration


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