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plerView  (Pin)

             Automatic Coupler Pin Carrier

             Plate Inspection System

             CouplerView-Pin is an automatic wayside detection

             system that is designed to detect defects in the

             F-type coupler securement mechanism. For F-type

             couplers, the system inspects the coupler vertical pin

             carrier plate or pins, and the corresponding fasteners.

             Different types of F-type securements, including ones

             with cushioning units, are handled as well.

             CouplerView-Pin processing algorithm classifies

             couplers into E and F types before the securement

             processing. If an E-type coupler is detected, no

             processing and reporting is done by this system.

             If the coupler securement fails during train operation,

             there is a high probability that the coupler will “pull

             out” of the car in a draft situation, and in most cases

             this will result in the coupler falling between the cars


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