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plerView  (CrossKey)

             Automatic Coupler CrossKey

             Inspection System

             CouplerView-CrossKey (CK) is an automatic wayside

             detection system that is designed to detect defects in

             E-Type coupler securement components. The system

             is used to inspect the cross key (draft key) and its

             securement mechanism. Failure of such securement

             parts is a source of delay and derailments in freight


             CouplerView-CK is designed to operate on passing

             trains at normal track speeds of up to 85mph.

             CouplerView-CK is a machine vision system, which

             uses a high speed strobe digital imaging system

             to acquire multiple images of every draft key and

             the surrounding area for inspection. All draft keys

             are imaged from both front and back, including

             the area under the center sill for proper E/F coupler



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