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CouplerView-CK systems are installed on steel ties

     (sleepers) supplied by Beena Vision. Cameras and

     illumination component are enclosed in sealed boxes

     mounted on the gauge side of the steel tie. Images

     are analyzed for the existence of the cross key and its

     securement components.

     Note that the CouplerView-CK processing algorithm

     classifies couplers into E and F types before the plate

     processing. If F-Type coupler is detected, no processing and

     reporting is done by this system.

➼ Measurements

     Classify E-Type and F-Type Couplers

• Detect Missing Cross (draft) Key

• Find Missing Retainer-Pin (T-Pin)

• Detect Missing Cotter Key

• Find Missing Cross Key Retainer Washer

•• Coupler Draft Gear Plate Inspection (Optional)

➼ Features

     Speeds up to 85mph (140 km/h)

• Operating Temperature: -40°C to 55°C

• Automatic Alarm Generation for Coupler Pin Failures

• Installed on Beena Vision Supplied Steel Ties

• No Major Track Structure Modification

•• Easy Installation and Maintenance

➼ Software Features

     Remote Monitoring/Control Software

• System Management Software

• Digital Image Acquisition/Processing

• Calibration Software

• Web-based Database/Data Search Software

• Database Interface Software

• Automated Reporting Software

•• AEI (AVI) Integration


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