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View  Car Structural Component and

         Undercarriage Inspection System

             Inspection of car (wagon) components, which are only

             visible form the bottom have always been a challenge

             for railway operators. CSCView is an undercarriage

             imaging and automated inspection system designed

             to produce high quality images of the structural

             components of railcars and locomotives at normal track

             speeds. The system operates with line scan imaging

             technology and produces high resolution images of

             virtually all visible components under the car. The

             system is installed under the track, and is housed

             within steel tie (sleeper) structures.

             CSCView uses multiple cameras (up to 9 cameras) to

             capture different areas of the car undercarriage with

             different angles of view. Specially designed lighting

             systems are deployed with the system to provide ample

             illumination and withstand the harsh railroad track



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