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inView  Full Scale Train Imaging and

           Inspection System

             Beena Vision offers TrainView as a full scale train

             imaging and inspection system as part of its

             comprehensive train monitoring systems. This system

             consists of multiple line and area scan cameras that

             provide images of the train at track speeds with high

             resolution. The system is designed to provide images

             of all externally visible components of a car. The

             images are then assigned to individual cars based

             on the AEI data. Car components are then ready for

             viewing and analysis.

             The system uses several sensors and algorithms

             to pinpoint axle position, car beginning and car

             end positions, car components such as safety

             appliances, hand brake wheels, car identifiers, load

             limit identification, reflectors, car body condition,

             structural gauge and high-wide load detection, car

             load profile, load securement conditions, load carry

             back detection, etc.


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