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Inspections and Measurements                          Benefits to rail operators includes assisting Carmen’s

                                                        visual inspection process and providing timely

      Side Walls Condition                              maintenance alerts for defective car components.

                                                        Although most of the inspection process is automated,

 • Car ID and OCR                                       sophisticated train viewing software (TrainWatch) can

 • Car Load Limit Identification                        be used to perform a complete virtual train visual

 • Reflector Conditions                                 inspection.

 • Car Structural Gauge and Profile                     TrainView has found applications in the security industry

 • High-Wide Detection                                  where detecting foreign objects on trains are becoming

 • Car Load Profile                                     a critical issue in train transportation industry.

 • Load Securement

 • Load Profile                                                                                                                              37

 • Load Carry Back

 •• Safety Appliances such as:

    ¬ Hand Brake Wheel

    ¬ Top Chords

    ¬ Running Boards (longitudinal and latitudinal)

    ¬ Rooftop Handholds

    ¬ Roof Hatches

    ¬ Handholds

    ¬ Ladder Treads

    ¬ Hand Brake Wheel

    ¬ Uncoupling Lever

    ¬ End Platforms

 • ¬ Sill Steps

      Foreign Object Detection

•➼ Features

      Sophisticated GUI Software or Train Viewing

 • and Car Inspection

      Automated Condition Monitoring of Many

      Train Components

 • Operating Train Speeds of Up to 60mph (100 km/h)

 • Operation in All Track and Environmental Conditions

 • Automated Train Analysis Tools

 • Tower Based Installation

 • Operating Temperature: -40°C To 55°C

 • Low Maintenance

➼ Software Features

 • TrainWatch™ Software

 • Remote Monitoring/Control Software

 • System Management Software

 • Digital Image Acquisition/Processing

 • Calibration Software

 • Web-based Database/Data Search Software

 • Database Interface Software

 • Automated Reporting Software

 • AEI (AVI) Integration

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