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fView  (Rail)

          Automated Rail Surface

          and Track Inspection

             SurfView is a vehicle based rail and track surface

             imaging and inspection system. The system is installed

             on a rail vehicle or a high-rail truck, and scans the rail

             and the track with the desired resolution.

             System generates very high resolution images of

             the rail surface and track components such as ties

             (sleepers), tie plates, fasteners, ballast, etc. The system

             also generates high resolution 3D data from the track

             and rail structure. The combination of 3D data and

             image data will create all the information that we need

             to complete a full analysis of rail and track structure.

             System can be used to detect rail surface defects,

             missing or broken pieces, track gauge, track ballast

             condition, vegetation, joint bar condition, etc. SurfView

             comes with its on board computer, acquisition,

             analysis, and display software.


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