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  A Complete Solution for Wayside Detector Data

integrated within WISE. Current systems integrated         Support for Complicated Composite Queries

include Wheel Profile, Brake Shoe Measurement,             Immediate Defect Reporting using e-mail, SMS, etc.

Wheel Impact Detectors, Hot Bearing Detectors and

Acoustic Bearing Detectors,                                    Site 1                 Site 2                Site N            On-Site Alerts and

                                                           Measurement            Measurement           Measurement                Reports

WISE allows for a single point of access to all condition                                                                           Measurement

monitoring data with possibility of customizable search        Alert                  Alert                 Alert                        Sites

functionality throughout the whole range of data.           Health Info            Health Info           Health Info

WISE consolidates all the vehicle exceptions across all      Image DB               Image DB              Image DB

installed monitoring systems to be able to analyze and

plan all the required maintenance activities for a train.

WISE also integrates to SAP and other maintenance

systems to create maintenance notifications. WISE is

based on a SQL backend that houses all the data from

all detector systems.

➼ Features                                                   Multi Detector        Multi Detector       Site Monitoring &      Remote Central

                                                           Measure Database       Image Database           Health Info            Database

• Web-based Interface                                                                                       Database

• Tabular Measurement Data View as Well as Graphical                                 (optional)                               Web Monitoring

                                                                                                                              and Management

      Visualization of Data                                Interactive Data       Data Analysis           Alert Manager

                                                             Viewer App                Tool             Defect reports based        Apps

• Visual Trending and Analysis of Measurement Data                                                      on measurement data

• Standard Periodic Reports                                Train view, car view,  Rule based            as well as alarms

• Predictive Alarming Capability                           Search engine with     customizable          generated by each

• Train, Vehicle, Component Based Data Search and          customizable queries,  automatic report      detector in case of

• Display                                                  multi-detector image   generation including  failure via e-mail,

                                                           and measurement        measurement statics   SMS, SCADA

      Easy Query Design and Test Environment Support for   viewer                 for trains, sites,

                                                                                  detectors and cars

• Complicated Composite Queries

      Automated Alarm Generation Based on Predefined

• Conditions Such as Trended or Absolute Measurements

      Automated Defect Reporting by E-mail, SMS, SAP PM

• Notifications, etc.

      Communication with Maintenance Systems

• (such as SAP, etc.)

      Integration with Windows Active Directory to Manage

• User Access Control

      Import and Integrate Data Generated by Various 3rd

• Party Detectors

      Image Database for Visual Inspection of Reported

• Defects

      Automatic Detector Health Monitoring and Reporting


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