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  Virtual Train Inspection Portal

      Existing Beena Vision automated inspection algorithms    TrainWatch provides versatile reporting capabilities

      are also supported within the TrainWatch environment,    to facilitate the train condition reporting, including

      allowing some of the required inspections to be          cropping images of the interested section directly into

      managed using automated algorithms making the            the report, adding comments, automatic identification

      virtual inspection process an even faster.               of the car (wagon) that components belong to, etc.

➼ Features                                                     This innovative technology is able to be directly linked

                                                               to WISE software for data display. TrainWatch supports

      Inspection Modes:                                        image data from all Beena Vision detectors including

      Animation: Train Motion is Simulated at a Desired Speed  TrainView, TruckView and CSCView together with

                                                               data display from other detector technologies such

•• Car Mode: Car by Car Data Access with AEI Identification    as impact detectors, hot box detectors and acoustic

      Attached                                                 bearing detectors.

• Component Mode: Access and Navigate Through Certain


• Mixed Mode: Mix Different Modes of Operation in a

      Predefined Form

• Display Modes:

      Synchronous: All Displayed Data are Synchronized in

• Time and Location

      Asynchronous: Different Customized Cameras / Cars /

      Components Display

      Navigation Guide:

• Graphical Interface to View the Camera Orientation

• Assign Cameras to Display Windows

• Navigation Bar to Show the Current Car Position

      Within the Train

• Car List Available for Inspection

      General Functions:

• Customize All Displays

• Audio Support

• Image Cropping for Reporting Purposes

• Adding Comment Windows Throughout

      Markers and Tags on the Train, Car, Components, etc.

• Excel Report Generation for Train / Car / Component

• Full AEI Integration

• E-mail Generation


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