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omatic Train Inspection and Measurement Systems

WheelView		 Automatic Wheel Profile Measurement

WheelView-S 		       Standard Wheel Profile Measurement

WheelView-F		        Main Line Multi-Profile with Diameter Measurement

WheelView-D		        High Accuracy Multi-Profile with Diameter Measurement

WheelView-I		        Indoors System with Diameter Measurement

TreadView		 Automated Wheel Tread Inspection

BrakeView-Shoe	 	    Shoe (Block) Measurement and Inspection

BrakeView-Pad 		     Brake Pad Measurement

BrakeView-Disc		     Brake Disc Profile Measurement and Condition Inspection

TruckView		 Truck (Bogie) Inspection and Measurement

LAHView 		           Air Hose Inspection

CouplerView-Pin	     F-Type Coupler Securement Inspection

CouplerView-CrossKey 	 E-Type Coupler Securement Inspection

CSCView		 Car (Wagon) Structural Component & Undercarriage Inspection

TrainView 		         Full Train Imaging, Inspection, and Measurement

PantoView		 Pantograph Inspection

AOAView 		           In-Track Angle of Attack and Back-to-Back Measurement

ShoeView		 Third Rail Contact Shoe Measurement

Rail and Track Inspection Products

TrackView-Profile 	  Vehicle Based Rail Profile and Track Geometry Unit

SurfView-Rail 		     Vehicle Based Rail & Track Inspection and Imaging

Software Products    Complete Solution for Wayside Detector Data

WISE			              Virtual Train Inspection Software


Handheld Products    Wheel Diameter Gauge



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