Pantograph Measurement & Inspection System

Trimble® PantoView is an automatic inspection system for pantograph carbon strips and head that can be deployed in depots as well as the mainline. The system can handle pantographs with up to four strips and there is a provision to inspect both raised and lowered pantographs.

Pantograph contact strips are made from carbon and are very susceptible to damage. The system uses both imaging and 3D data from the pantograph head to inspect its condition. This provides a comprehensive data set to reliably assess the strip condition.

  • Carbon wear
  • Wear profile along the carbon length
  • Carbon surface roughness
  • Measure gap between the strip and the end horn
  • Poor contact wire condition
  • Broken carbons
  • Missing carbons
  • Carbon grooves, cracks (lengthwise and widthwise)
  • Misaligned pantograph head
  • Horn condition
  • OLE uplift

Dramatic time and cost savings, versus manual inspections

Automate and complete pantograph inspections quicker, minimizing time taken, costs, and issues that disrupt service.

Unique and flexible system, easy to install

PantoView is unique in providing the complete 3D shape of the head as it is traveling through the inspection site which is unprecedented in other systems. The system can be deployed in depots as well as the mainline and is capable of handling pantographs with up to four strips. It is easily installed on a signal bridge.

Rolling stock stays in service for longer

With accurate measurements at mainline operational speeds there is minimal disruption to rolling stock schedules.

Limits risk to personnel, works 24/7, even in tough environments

PantoView works in even the toughest environments and at night so field workers are not in unpleasant or unsafe working conditions thereby reducing the risk to their safety.

Digital accurate records, with automated reporting

Providing digital records that are usable across operations and maintenance PantoView reduces manual and paper-based workflows saving time and money. Remote monitoring data can be reported on automatically so that corrective actions can be taken with less impact on service.