Virtual Train Inspection Portal

Trimble® software is a powerful virtual train inspection portal. It provides a comprehensive environment where a train inspector can inspect a full train using data gathered by wayside equipment.The environment is designed to provide different modes of inspection like animation, car based and/or component based.

The advanced technology utilized in TrainWatch works with one operator with multiple monitors where the content of each monitor can be customized by the user according to the inspection routine to be followed by the inspector.

Inspection Modes:
  • Animation: Train motion is simulated at a desired speed
  • Car mode: Car by car data access with AEI identification attached
  • Component mode: Access and navigate through certain components
  • Mixed mode: Mix different modes of operation in a predefined form
Display Modes:
  • Synchronous: All displayed data are synchronized in time and location
  • Asynchronous: Different customized cameras/cars/ components display
Navigation Guide:
  • Graphical interface to view the camera orientation
  • Assign cameras to display windows
  • Navigation bar to show the current car position within the train
  • Car list available for inspection
General Functions:
  • Customize all displays
  • Audio support
  • Image cropping for reporting purposes
  • Adding comment windows throughout
  • Markers and tags on the train, car, components, etc.
  • Excel report generation for train/ car/component
  • Full AEI integration
  • Email generation

Automation speeds up the full train inspection process

Provides different modes of inspection like animation, car based and/or component based. Automation makes virtual inspection process faster saving time and money.

Maximizes the use of data

Feeds from multiple sources can be brought together and used to automate inspection workflows. Makes the best use of gathered wayside data with flexible reporting and data display options.