Beena Vision Systems Inc. is the leading manufacturer of vision-based automatic wayside inspection systems for the railroad industry. Over the last fifteen years, Beena Vision has pioneered and developed a number of innovative products using sophisticated machine vision and non-contact measurement technologies. These products are specifically designed to provide valuable information in a variety of areas to effectively assess railcar components and track safety conditions. Although Beena Vision’s product line mainly concentrates on automatic wayside train Inspection systems, It also offers on-board rail and track measurement and inspection systems, as well as a few handheld products for wheel and track measurement.

Our wayside train condition monitoring systems are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications. We take pride in our high levels of accuracy and system availability. Our systems have a reputation for being tough and durable even in the heavy haul railway environment. This has been the result of years of design, testing, and field experience with more than one hundred installed systems worldwide.

Beena Vision has installed numerous systems at all major American Class 1 railroads including BNSF, UP (Union Pacific), NS (Norfolk Southern) and CSXT. Several of our systems are successfully deployed in Australia, Europe, China, South America, and Middle East.

Beena Vision in its state of the art facility in Norcross, GA, USA, has an extensive R&D program to develop additional advanced systems for automatic monitoring of several critical components of freight and passenger cars, bogies, locomotives, and track components.

Beena Vision is now A Trimble Company. Trimble Acquires Beena Vision to Expand its Rail Portfolio on February 2017  Read more…

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