Beena Vision presents three groups of products:

Wayside Inspection Systems: These systems are mainly designed for rolling stock inspection, such as truck wheels, brake shoes and pads, truck (bogie) components, couplers, safety appliances, and undercarriage structural components. They are usually installed under, along, and over railroad tracks.

WheelView Automatic Wheel Profile Measurement
TreadView Automatic Wayside Wheel Surface Inspection
BrakeView-Shoe Automatic Brake Shoe Inspection
BrakeView-Pad Automatic Brake Pad Inspection
BrakeView-Disk Automatic Wayside Brake Disk Inspection
TruckView Friction Wedge Rise and Truck Inspection
LAHView Automatic Wayside Brake Air Hose Inspection System
CouplerView-Pin Coupler Securement (carrier plate) Inspection
CouplerView-CK Coupler Securement (draft key) Inspection
CSCView Inspection of Car Undercarriage and Structural Components
TrainView Full Train Imaging and Inspection
AOAView Wayside Angle of Attack Measurement
TempView Bearing and Wheel Temperature Measurement System
PantoView Automatic Pantograph Inspection System

Track Inspection Systems: These systems which are better known in the industry are used to inspect the track, including the rail, fasteners, ties, etc. Beena Vision supplies vehicle installed systems for rail profile measurement, track gauge and cross-level measurement, and rail and track imaging systems.

TrackView-Profile Vehicle Based Rail Profile and Track Geometry Unit
SurfView-Rail Vehicle Based Rail & Track Imaging

Non-Contact Handheld and Portable Systems: Beena Vision currently offers four different non-contact handheld units for wheel profile measurement, rail profile and track parameter measurement, track curvature measurement, and axle back-to-back measurement. It also provides an electronic wheel diameter gauge.

LazerView Handheld Wheel Profile Measurement
TrackView-HH Handheld Rail Profile and Track Parameter Measurement
DiamView Beena Wheel Diameter Gauge
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