Wayside Angle of Attack Measurement System

AOAView is a wayside angle-of-attack (AOA) measurement system that integrates with AEI for vehicle identification and reporting. AOAView is designed to measure AOA of both wheels of a wheel set simultaneously. Since AOAView is installed on a tie (sleeper) between the rails, it provides a reliable AOA measurement as track fluctuations due to dynamic loads do not affect where the measurements are performed (the system moves with the track). Moreover, AOAView provides extremely accurate measurements of back-to-back distance of wheel sets.

Tracking position and axle back to back measurements are other parameters that this system is capable of measuring. The system is installed between the rails and has sufficient clearance with respect to the rail for most rail grinding machines and other track maintenance equipment to pass through the location without interference.

  • Measure AOA on Both Wheels of an Axle
  • Measure B2B in Two Sections of the Wheels
  • Axle Lateral Position
  • Identifies Warped Trucks
  • Wheel Temperature Profile (Option)
  • Detect Hunting Railcars if Three or More are Installed
  • Wheel Plate Type Recognition (if applicable)

  • Operating Train Speeds of Up to 85mph (140 km/h)
  • Operation in All Track and Environmental Conditions
  • Steel Tie Based Installation
  • Below Top of Rail Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Automated Alarm Generation

Software Features:
  • Remote Monitoring/Control Software
  • System Management Software
  • Digital Image Acquisition/Processing
  • Calibration Software
  • Web-based Database/Data Search Software
  • Database Interface Software
  • Automated Reporting Software
  • AEI (AVI) Integration
3D Image of AOAView
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