An Innovative Handheld Laser Wheel Profile Measurement Device

LazerView is a handheld non-contact laser based wheel profile measurement system. LazerView is designed to be a rugged, easy-to-use device for field and indoors environments.
LazerView can be efficiently integrated into locomotive and wheel shop management and database systems. LazerView is also a very effective tool when integrated with existing lathe machines for wheel re-profiling.
LazerView is an effective measurement solution that can be used to collect valuable data on wheel sets with possibility of adding other information for each measurement, such as wheel defects.


Technical Features :

• Laser-Based Technology
• Accurate, Repeatable Profiles
• Checks Compliance with Standards
• Instant Reports on Wheel Condition
• Remarkably Easy to Use
• User Friendly Interface
• PDA Based, Easy Setup
• One Man Operation
• Light Weight
• Durable Rechargeable Battery
• Shock, Dust and Water Resistant

Measured Parameters :

• Flange Height
• Flange Thickness
• Tread Hollow
• Rim Thickness
• Flange Slope
• Back-to-Back Measurement (option)
• Witness Groove (option)

The LazerView package comes with a comprehensive database and software package for data storage, retrieval and display. Using the database feature, each and every wheel can be monitored for wear rate and pattern.
The PC software allows the user to also enter several custom parameters for each measurement. This can be used to further enrich the available information for further analysis.

LazerView PC Software Components:

• Powerful PC Software for Reporting & Comparison
• Profile Superimposition to Compare Wheel Wears
• Superimpose on Standard Profiles
• Display Graph for Wear Analysis

Database for :

• Wheel Data Storage with Car ID and Wheel Position
• Extensive Data Search and Display
• Data Trending for All Parameters
• Optional User Defined Data Entries for Each Wheel
• Graphical User Interface
• Several Report Formats (TXT, Excel)

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