SurfView | Rail
SurfView is a vehicle based rail and track surface imaging system by Beena Vision. The system gets installed on a rail vehicle or a hi-rail truck, and scans the rail and the track with the desired resolution. The system is provided with on board computer, acquisition and display software, up to six camera scanners and all cabling.


  • Visual rail and track inspection
  • Increased inspection efficiency
  • Joint bar inspection and counting
  • Detection of missing, broken, displaced, and worn track components

Sample Side Camera Images   Sample Top Camera images


System Features:

  • On-board display
  • Off-line display for detailed post processing
  • Triggered line scan cameras
  • High quality images for automated and visual inspection
  • Documentation
  • High intensity lighting system
  • Foot pulse signature
  • GPS-based position support
  • 36,000 scans per second
  • Up to 6 cameras for high resolution imaging of the track
  • Adjustable scanning rate
  • Sophisticated GUI for user interaction, marking, storage, etc.
  • System enclosures are fully sealed and can operate in
    temperatures of -40F to 115F

  SurfView with protective covers installed
  SurfView illuminating a rail
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