Handheld Laser Track Parameter Measurement

TrackView is a portable non-contact rail profile and track measurement system. Track parameters measured with TrackView using a laser based technology includes track gauge, cross level, and rail cant. Track curvature measurement option is also available with TrackView.

TrackView is a rugged, PDA-based, portable unit that can operate for extended periods with a single PDA charge. A complete software package is provided with TrackView and it has a GPS option for profile position recording. The measured data is stored in the PDA and can be uploaded to the clients system, when attached.

The operator can measure the track condition and its changes in time, easily and accurately. Since TrackView is a portable unit, it can also be used to double check the measurements of automatic measurement vehicles.
TrackView is a unique device in that it measures all major point track parameters at once using a totally non-contact technology, including the track parameters and curvature.

TrackView can measure standard rail types including North American rails and UIC rails such as UIC60, UIC50, U33, etc. Also, it can compare standard rail profiles against the measured profile with a useful graphical report.


TrackView Components
TrackView consists of the following components:

1. Handheld PDA:
• User interface software
• Scanner control

2. Measurement Scanner unit that includes:
• Profile and Displacement Lasers
• Scan and control electronics
• All sensors and measurement devices

3. Connection cables

4. GPS for measurement location coordinates

5. PC software, database and report analyzer

TrackView Scanner
All measured data are stored in a database for further retrieval and analysis.

Measured Data :

• Rail Profile (x-y points)
• Rail Cant
• Track Gauge
• Track Cross Level
• Head, Side and 45 degree Wear (Or any user defined wear)
• Track curvature (option)

Sample PDA Screens

General Technical Specification :

• All Non-Contact Laser Based Technology
• Accurate, Repeatable Profiles
• Profile Resolution: 0.05 mm (0.002 inch)
• Measurements
• Gauge and Cross Level
• Rail Profile
• Rail Cant
• Head and Side Wear
• Wear Graph
• Curvature (optional)
• Instant Report on Rail and Track Condition
• Remarkably Easy to Use
• User Friendly Interface
• GPS Measurement Position

TrackView Features :

• Portable and User-friendly
• Non-Contact Laser-Based Measurements
• No Gauge Bar
• Complete Point Track Report
• Complete PC display and data analysis software
• PC Database
• One Man Operation

Sample PC Software Screen
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