TrackView | Profile
TrackView-Profile is a vehicle based rail profile measurement system. System can be installed easily on a hi-rail truck or a rail vehicle. Its multi-camera and laser system is designed for effective laser/rail imaging and profile reconstruction. System uses high power visible lasers for illumination and can operate easily during day and night operations.
System provides rail cant and track gauge in addition to the rail profile and rail profile parameters. It also provides instant rail type information.


  • Proprietary laser/camera configuration
  • Visible Lasers
  • Real-time processing
  • Rail protective covers for hi-rail truck installation
  • Operation under different environmental conditions
  • Rail profile at every foot or any multiple of a foot
  • Real time report and alarm on rail defects with adjustable levels
  • Supplied complete with all hardware and software components, ready for installation
  • Storing miles of data locally for post viewing and processing
  • Local database available as an option
  • Profile measurement speed up to 80 mph

Laser lluminated Rail



1. Rail Profile
2. Track Gauge
3. Rail Cant
4. Rail Height
5. Head Width
6. Gauge and Field Lip
7. Rail Weight
8. Percent Head Loss
9. Gauge Wear
10. Vertical Wear
11. 45° Wear
12. Gauge Face Width
13. Gauge Face Angle

Sample measured Porfile
A System Generated Image
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