WheelView (S/F/D/I)

Accurate, Rugged, Reliable, Automatic Wheel Profile Measurement System

WheelView products are automatic wayside systems that are designed to measure wheel profiles of moving trains. These systems are used to inspect wheels for derailment prevention, preventative maintenance, maintenance scheduling, and to reduce track and rail damage caused by excessively worn wheels.

Standard WheelView (-S) is a rugged system designed to operate in harsh environments as well as shops, depots and yards. The system has an exceptionally robust design that is capable of operation without human intervention for extended periods.
WheelView-S has been in production since year 2000 and has been successfully deployed in many countries. More recently a few other variations of WheelView are designed for operation under different condition or providing more measurements than our standard systems.

WheelView-F is designed to provide wheel diameter measurement at main line operations with high train speeds. WheelView-D is designed for low speed and higher accuracy needs such as high speed train depot applications. WheelView-I is offered for indoors and low speed operations.

WheelView is a cost effective system and can quickly pay for itself by reducing and/or eliminating derailments due to worn wheels and by increasing the efficiency of wheel maintenance with proactive maintenance practices based on wheel wear rates and early wheel defect detection.

WheelView is also currently operational in one of the busiest freight corridors in the world, measuring over 50,000 wheels every day.

  • Flange Height
  • Flange Width
  • Flange Slope
  • Tread Hollow
  • Rim Thickness
  • Full Wheel Profile
  • Back-to-Back
  • Wheel Diameter (on some versions)
  • Flange and Tread Rollover
  • Grooved Tread (on select versions)
  • Wheel Type (curve plate vs. straight plate)
  • Locomotive Wheel Diameter Based on Witness Groove
  • Wheel Diameter (D, F, I)

  • Complete Wheel Profile Measurement
  • Speeds up to 80mph (140 km/h)
  • Capable of Operating in Extreme Environments
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 55°C
  • Installed on Custom Steel Ties
  • No Major Track Structure Modification
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Air Purge System for System Cleaning
  • Remote Monitoring/Control Capability
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Automatic Wheel Condition Monitoring

Software Components:
  • Remote Monitoring/Control Software
  • System Management Software
  • Digital Image Acquisition/Processing
  • Calibration Software
  • Web-based Database/Data Search Software
  • Database Interface Software
  • Automated Reporting Software
  • AEI (AVI) Integration

3D-Image of WheelView-S
3D-Image of WheelView-D


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